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Party Size Lunch/ Catering- Fall 201 4

Bowl of Salad-$ 37
*All bowls serve about  8-10 large, or 20-25 side servings
Chicken Fajita, Pear & Pecan, Cranberry Nut, Chicken Caesar, Waldorf
Bowl of Salad- $39
Shrimp Pasta, Chef’s, Tomato Basil Pasta, Lemon Terragon Pasta, Greek Orzo ,

Bowl of Salad -$42
Shrimp & Spinach, Quinoa & Kale, Corn Black Bean & Veggie, Strawberry Chicken *

Soups-$ 47
4 Quarts/16 cups
Serves approx 12

Cheesecakes- 9" round-$30 (approx 10 slices) or 24 Bars (2"x2")- $ 37

Tarts- 11"- serves approx 8-$ 27

Cakes- serves approx 12-$35

Coconut       Carrot     Red Velvet      Chocolate

Bundt Cakes- serves approx 12- $30, comes with fresh berry sauce

Rum                Chocolate Merlot                 Ginger Olive Oil

Cookie/Bar Desserts- 24 bars- $34 (All cheesecakes available as bars also-$37)

Chocolate Truffle (32 bars)         Chocolate Ganache           Heath Brownies
White Chocolate & Apricot Blondies (choice of pistachio or pecans)
Milk Chocolate, Pecan & Coconut Cookie Bars

Cupcakes-$2.50 each- mutiples of 24 only
Mini Cupcakes $1.05 each - in multiples of 65 only
Chocolate, Coconut, Vanilla Cake with your choice of frosting-
Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut, Caramel, Lemon, Mint, Cream Cheese, Chocolate Almond

Brownies and red velvet cupcakes available gluten free

24 hour advance notice required for salads
72 hour notice required for soups or desserts

Although we require a MINIMUM of 72 hours notice for all items except
salads, we often are booked many weeks in advance and cannot
guarantee availability
390 N. 500 W.  Bountiful, Utah 84010
Catering Menu 2
-Chicken Fiesta

-Corn Chowder

-Cream of Portabella
Mushroom with wild rice

-Creamy Cauliflower with
Sage & Parmesan

-Fire Roasted Tomato Basil

Pumpkin Bisque *
- Potato Leek

- Chili

- Tomato Rice

- Chicken Noodle

- Moroccan Lentil-


-Curried Butternut Squash &
- White Chili with Chicken

- Broccoli Cheese

- Corn and Crab Bisque with


- Split Pea and Ham

- Seafood Chowder (Crab&
- Chocolate Almond

- Chocolate Orange

- Coconut

-Double Chocolate

- Mocha

- Chocolate Mint

-Chocolate Coconut

-Rosemary Lemon

- Lemon

- Kahlua

- Ginger Lime

-Vanilla Cardamom
-White Choc Orange

- White Chocolate

-Choc Peanut Butter

-Vanilla Bean
- Pear,  or Apple Almond

- Chocolate Caramel Pecan
- Chocolate Truffle

-Lime or Lemon

Amaretto Pecan
Torte (8"- $22)